Courtyard House In Berkeley, California, WA Design, Inc.

 Most critical water-based relationship and the canyon wall was originally metaphorical home renovation. Water is limited by topography and still needs an outlet. Each provides material and the strength of others. At each end of our zinc Canyon, outside of a court form, but of course, on a hill and protected from the wind, and the other west, hanging completely open to the views and winds in the area of the bay.

Boardwalks allow open views to the courtyard and roof lines to emphasize the low concentration of elements in the main building. Breezeway perpendicular to the glass of water two characteristics that seem to extend axially through the house and pointed out to the Bay Area. Hill punctuate the end of the axis of the water is a huge outdoor fireplace. To break the house into three separate units has allowed us to create three separate courses, both protected and open to almost constant fog and winds on land in San Francisco Bay. Courtyard between the main building and the board is adequately protected in the evening good to eat much of the year. Outside the house is covered with alternating tiles of zinc, which are reminiscent of the traditional architecture of past centuries, or stucco.

We designed the shed roof sloping eaves deep and very sensitive to structural steel supports to give your home a unique look and provide an excellent outdoor area sufficient to secure the largest photovoltaic panels that power the house.

Hardscape is a minimalist white concrete to expand without any problems at home and granite strips fixed by steel frame residential construction. Modular construction is literally across the sidewalk as you enter the first band of black granite pebbles. The growth begins. Landscape plants placed on a rack behind the walls of the narrow support of cor-ten steel, and further expand its strong organizational architecture of the site.


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