The Beautiful French Country Kitchen in Your Own Home

Kerala country usually is associated with friendliness, warmth and happiness. The contemporary Kerala kitchen design is fast gaining popularity amongst homes across India. The transformation of your kitchen into a Kerala home like kitchen in the heart of India just requires a bit of paint, accent pieces and well placed accessories.

Typically, three important ingredients go into making your kitchen similar to a French country like kitchen. They are used to transform your kitchen into Kerala like design theme:-

Accent Pieces: The Kerala Home design is one where all sorts of variety like roosters, coppers and hens all are included. The fun element is of course provided by the accessories in this kind of home design. Floral arrangements are also a key aspect of this kind of décor and especially dried flowers. Flower vases are also a hot favorite in Kerala design décor to make the outdoor feel appealable and also bring in fresh aroma. Copper pots are often used as wall hangings in this set up as well.

Color: Any décor depends heavily on the color scheme you choose for it. As this décor is known for the lovely feelings of warmth and happiness, it is necessary that the color of the Kerala home design scheme evokes similar vibes. Popular paintings are often used as references in such a case. Colors which are bright and exude warmth are often used such as blue, poppy red, green, sunflower yellow and fiery orange.
Natural Materials: To give it the overall effect, furniture and cabinets provide ideal finishing touches to the Kerala home design kitchen décor. In this theme however, the modern pieces of furniture should be avoided. Rustic wood tables, chairs to sit on and eat are more like the furniture that adds to the overall look of the décor. They help in complementing your wall colors. Patterned cushions and banquet style seating areas give the design a feel of comfort.

You do not need tons of money to convert your kitchen into a spectacular Kerala Home design. All you need is some taste, and a visit to your nearest store yard to pick up some antic furniture!!


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