Home Differ by Designs

While shifting to a new house, it always comes first in mind that how to decorate the house. Everybody wants a unique design or style for their house. While designing your Kerala Home Design always keep in mind the design should be very innovative and at the same time appealing. There are many types of interior design style but the most popular ones are Modern/Contemporary, Romantic, and French. People usually choose one among these three and some of them go for the combination of two or all three of these styles for their home decoration.

Most of the people go for contemporary style to have a home that appears to have no clutter and therefore very little furniture. Contemporary style is usually associated with the colors black and white but it seems that bright, bold colors can also be part of the contemporary design. Modern or contemporary designs are basically very simple designs with the touch of elegance.

The French style is on the other hand is rustic. French style is more associated with natural look. The colors associated with French design style are light and soft colors. The flooring in the French style is often in wooden or tile patterns. The people who are fond of authentic style design will go for French style design.
Romantic style is associated with deep colors with big comfortable furniture always giving a cozy and intimate feeling. The furniture, fabrics and lights associated with Romantic style express the feeling of passionate with deep tones like reds, oranges, and purple. These are just the three popular types of interior design styles. But there are plenty of other design options available. Therefore, it’s not necessary that one can choose design for their Kerala home design only from these three designs.

Designs are of personal choice when it comes to home decoration. The design of your house reflects your personality and taste of design. Therefore always go for the design style which suits you well and describes you better. Your home is always personal and it belongs to you, hence maintaining your individuality in terms of designs also matters.


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