Design Modern House With Garden In The Area Little Space

Life in a small space does not mean that you have to lose the garden. In fact, today, the majority of the population live in small living spaces, where they must make choices and decide what they really want to create and do. Often, plans to focus on the garden and acres of huge chunks of land, ignoring the fact that most people do not have the luck or privilege to enjoy later. On the other hand, sometimes people encounter ideas for small garden spaces, they did not know that there are, or could even imagine.

As home to 33 street space that small space, but with a garden. Designed by architects members of the Rockefeller home is in walking distance of the street overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the coast of Malibu, this home is an exercise in spatial planning care. The site is a narrow area of ​​30 x 60 feet, but includes not only the house but also a garden. This garden is a green space in the center of the floor structure.

Working within the narrow limits of a 30 feet x 60 envelopes, the design team has taken home at the limit of height, width and depth, leaving little space in the area to meet the customer's desire for a garden. The solution was to create a green space in the center of the floor structure. On one side of this is children's bedrooms, the other is the master bedroom and bathroom, opening what became a Zen garden.


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