Energy Star Certified Homes Zero Energy Design

Boston-based architecture and consulting firm Energy Zero Energy Design remained his name to the modern eco-resistant home, walking a little ground and has a vision of self-sufficiency, and the land of easy living. Located in Orleans, Massachusetts, 2300-sq .- ft. home is a durable orange outside, but it is green everywhere. Eco House features an eco-friendly elements, such as network connection of the photovoltaic, solar hot water system, radiant floors, hydro-air energy recovery ventilator, open and closed cell spray foam insulation, insulation drive and Energy Star qualified outdoor entertaining areas 39 YOU have a lot of open veranda and a rooftop terrace, which will take you to the treetops. Next to the bridge, roof garden is a luxury "green" three times, which acts as an insulator to reduce storm water runoff, and residential 2.5-kilowatt solar panels to generate electricity 30 percent of electricity a house.

This house has a roof garden with additional details, such as renewable and recyclable flooring, bamboo tile recycled glass and uses FSC certified wood and roof terrace Garapa. ZeroEnergy design.


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