Modern Design Glass House In The Mountain Region

Built about 400 km from Sao Paulo in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, with streams, rocks, lots of trees and colorful flowers, this house has been designed for glass, standing on stilts, with the sides discussed the vertical beams looked at the close of the merger of its transparency.

The bottom is an area with a sauna and a swimming pool and a buit-in doors that open completely. A wave huge rock about 20 m from the portal space. If you want to come to this house, you can park your car near the road and cross a steel bridge that crosses a small forest to the canopy of trees near the bridge leading home. The glass of the chat room on the bridge was designed without reinforcement and floor and ceiling with inlaid.

This modern design Serra had achieved numerous awards for the best architecture for such 2004-2009 / International Property Awards / detached houses (2009), Award of Merit / Brasil (2006), an award-winning House Records (2005), and IAB Award (2004 )


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