Modern Home Design Ideas Herringbone Houses

Houses in herringbone design modern home has two houses with 400m2 of landscaping work, which is located in a lush looking in South London Bowls Club Lyford Investments promoter. This is a beautiful and perfect architectural planning. Each design modern home has two wood continues herringbone flat stucco surfaces, which are the graphite walls, floors, decks and fences. Case 5 bedrooms on 3 floors are ideal for underground storage facilities for guests and a game piece. The room is double height atrium in the middle of the scale house oak sculpture suspended in the middle of this space. The rooms on the second floor is accessed through the gallery and a library with a balcony with views of the public sphere. All the windows of the house are on both sides, so that natural ventilation and space to maximize natural light and views. Next to this volume is on three floors, from north to south, where the bedrooms and living rooms.

The house is structured on the basis of the structure of metal and wood windows, surrounded by a wooden plate, which acts as an anchor and wall insulation. After several tests with different dimensions, we decided to use a thin plate (50 mm) 800 mm long functional dimension of the construction and development of the structure of the house.


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