Modern Minimalist Design Modular House

A summer house should be simple, it is easy to maintain, inexpensive, comfortable and requires little work to get running again after being inactive for a while. Despite this miniature house Tommie Wilhelmsen modular advantage of cheap materials, a simple plan and a small site to save on costs, which is so convincing in its three dimensions of space complexity.

From the outside, the enclosure by a distance greater room also wrap to form a space of semi-enclosed deck below. The volumes that make up the house fits together, but also offers views in different directions, and some privacy between each inner and outer space.

The interior is modern and minimalist as the exterior. Simple white walls and furniture built primarily inhabit these spaces and open shelves and clean lines are everywhere doing everything easy to keep clean.
Nooks and crannies formed by wrapping the exterior walls to create a comfortable interior space within the plan - giving them become narrow as to be completely separated and isolated.
Changes in elevation are also used to make each small space in a separate section within the structure as a whole. While it is only a summer house would be a wonderfully rich living spaces this year as well.


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