Modern Sky House Memphis Tennessee House Archimania

Then take a ticket to enjoy a modern cab home a place to rejuvenate the mind and soul. It is a cube-style building combines both futuristic and urban planning. Consisting of two-storey building, this is a lightweight easy was fully prepared. Lifestyle Green was totally convinced the architect to build the walls of the glass to reduce both electricity. Come to this side of the house, we pay more attention to the details of stairs. The simple design of stairs was a futuristic combination of beauty and usefulness of the building. Below is an example of modern art design scale. Open space from one place, separate from the side with the stairs was completely filled with a collection of books. Square Book Rack, the same the whole concept of this building makes us do a little 'red line on the concept and details of your home.

The staircase, we find the second floor as a place for a big party every once a year. Let's look at another extraordinary space of the square building. The open landscape of the bathroom was stolen attention from the other side. The bathroom comes with clearly open to the room. It was not just a glass wall separates the room light. As a place to recharge body and soul, this interior design style chalet is completely perfect.


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