Natural H-Fusion Modern Design House

For those who are a combination of modern design, such as, but still look natural, H-house architect WRB very suitable for inspiration. And 'specially designed for the form' H 'letter architect the game use the material balance. The earth is not always dominated by the use of porcelain, but also use the wooden floor, a good idea to reduce the speed of the modern home. The living room has a comfortable environment during the installation of modern sofas and wooden table was designed. Beautiful pool of these exotic stones and lightweight, specially designed in the middle of the letter H, so that everyone can see the pool, or for those who sat in the living room, a dinner or sitting in a chair.

Built on a plot overlooking the sea, the beautiful houses of the H-shaped with protection from the elements in the eye is built, the house has a rooftop terrace, and the form of H helps protect against the wind and creates also an intimate space in the courses.


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