Brazil Beach Home - Cool, Casual Coastal Comforts

 Marcio Kogan Architects are some of the amazing beach house designs under his belt, but this beautiful beach house is located in Brazil, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro is located in a separate cottage-style feel that will bring comfort, relaxing and coastal cottages on the front line brand. Pier House building was designed sailing a week and on weekends to its users. This beautiful beach house is designed on two levels, invest in a slope. The first part, fixed box dressed in white with a wood and "muxarabi" allows natural lighting and ventilation. The second part is a closed box of metal and wood on the walls, seemingly spill over the ocean behind the open windows and sliding doors. In fact, it would be a shame to connect this room - in front of the beach, with sand between your toes, and surrounded by lush tropical forests offer a variety of natural landscapes, as far as the eye can see.


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