Innovative Ideas Modern Curves Prefabricated Wooden Roof Design House

 This modern house structurally innovative. With distinctive curved roof, this residence has a maximum interior space. A wood-frame building prefabricated steel engineering is the only structure of the house. Along with the modern conception of the same house with the environment. Glass walls are open-plan living takes advantage of wonderful views to the south. A geothermal heat pump provides heating, ventilation and heat recovery exhaust air used to heat the incoming fresh air. The house has a very low carbon footprint. Designed by architect Adrian James.


Anonymous said...

The rustic yet modern design of that house designed by Adrian James is very striking. The way the roof is constructed reminded me of an igloo. The inside however, looked liked a hotel lobby. It is the seamless fusion of the different design elements that makes the overall architecture of said house very extraordinary.

Terence Watthens

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