Small House Society

Small House Society is a small house movement in the vote. This movement includes movie stars, which have been reduced as part of 3000 square meters, a happy family of five arts and crafts bungalows, multi-family housing in various forms, and the more extreme examples, like the people in houseboats and trailers , a few hundred square feet around them.

The Hermitage

Size is relative, and above all, we promote discussion on the ecological, economic and psychological toll that excessive housing takes on our lives, and that some of us make a better life. It's not business people, who claim to be smaller than I thought, but people make their own choices toward simpler and smaller living however they feel best suits their lives.

You can join for only $ 5 per year. By becoming a member, you can help support the distribution of the monthly newsletter (now online) Petit Bulletin of the Society of the House. Designers, maintenance booths showcase site, produce videos, moderate online discussion, research and more.


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