Fair Housing In Copenhagen With LASC Studio

House cloudy EST 1930 expansion of the house, which had become too small for young people and to expand the family residence. On the roof of the house seems to stretch the AU during the current expansion, the expansion of each view of a dynamic and modern look, but it is clear that communicating the son of the original building exists. Shape of the extension of sensitivity to ongoing operations, such as the corners of the roof and windows of old houses courses. Terrace in terms of allowing new views of the garden, the boy, the government consists of an integrated IS bench that looks out the back side. The wooden facade of horizontal grooves highlight of the new roof of the existing house. By reducing the density of this landscape more dynamic expression. Expansion of the respondents of the present building with large windows so the light in the liver, all together to create a range of thin privilege.

Inside, a loft in the solid wood floor in the new show. The walls of the Loft is transparent and allows light to ferry to the Great Exhibition of skylight above. Loft EST ceiling by thin steel rods so that tension in the appearance of the clouds that float, like the UN. The Loft EST by a wooden staircase located on a concrete platform, according to the Old and New. The Loft EST Designed as a bedroom. With the workshop, such as windows with views of the stars and trees in the dream as a cloud on a starry night rating. The case reveals that the translucent shadow behind what is happening, adding the ephemeral nature of the AU of the extension. Inside the loft, EST The purpose of life effect to an enclosed space, blurring the immediate context.

All windows in the extension of the AU are the sites of RAS interior walls, breaking down the walls seem to chew and bright. Hanging day, large windows let the light in the liver and large size to extend the existing house. At night, lit translucent walls illuminate the room, creating an atmosphere that combines simultaneously paradoxical and Privacy Louverture.


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