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Home landscaping can add lot of value to your garden. But to make your efforts succeed, it is first necessary to plan your entire effort into a programmed, so you get the most from your efforts.

Most people start with enthusiasm for an idea of ​​the gardens, but many large noesis to run in the garden or the backyard of their efforts may go in vain.

This is the reason why Hera is a simple 3-step plan that works for all types of garden, home and work less.

Step 1) Write down what you intend to have finished in the garden on a piece of paper. This step is very important, and a lot of guys mess it up or eliminate the process.

Once you know what you want in the garden of the family, becomes an easy task to gather forces in the budget. Gardening is a simple process of preparation and execution within the budget and the physical limits of the backyard.

Step 2) Create simple drawings using pencil and paper or design software for landscaping (if you can). Try different design alternatives. Garden planning works best when you let your imagination.

Use the list of items created in the first phase of putting them in your backyard or garden. You can go to the network layout, layout, or a casual or informal paths in the garden of circular motion. There, the AR just endless options here. In the middle of the backyard and begin to visualize, and finishing completely drawn into the existing garden.

Step 3) When the sketches are ruined garden can really begin to mark the limits in different areas of the site and landscape the notifier to do the job for execution.

This is a good home for the landscape design of the tip, which adds more beauty to your garden with virtually no additional cost to spend. When you find the home garden in different locations to ensure that they are visible inside the AR.

For example, if you're designing a play area for children, such as a sandbox, you can search by location, which is visible when you sit in the living room, so you can keep an eye on children and their activities.


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