How To Paint Your Home Interior Walls Quickly

Have you been painting the interior walls of his house because he thinks it will take a long time? Then you probably have not been using these tips to save time when painting. Do not make the same mistake. Check out some of these easy ways you can reduce the time it takes to paint the walls of your home and can stop being afraid to paint the rooms in your home.

Step 1: Take a little help

One of the best ways to paint the interior walls of your home quickly to get help from friends or relatives at the time of painting. A small room can be fully painted and fewer hours (plus drying time), when you have help from others. Ask someone to remove the covers and electrical tape the edges of the ceiling and the floor panel. They have one or two of paint on the edges and another with a roll of the center section. When a person performs a task, ask to take a brush or roller. If you really want to get a room painted quickly is the best way to do it.

Step 2: Cover and tape

You'd be surprised how many people waste their time cleaning up spills of paint and blunders, because they were well prepared before painting begins. Many people are convinced that non-registration outside the borders and ground cover will save you time. It's a big mistake.

Not only will you spend more time painting because it is not get paint where you do not want, but I also spend time cleaning up the mess that the inevitable lack of preparation is the cause. In order to take 10-15 minutes to prepare the room properly and could reduce the time to paint significantly.

Step 3: Use the right tools

Many people spend more time painting than they need because they are not using the paint tools for the job. If you want to paint the edges near baseboards and ceilings, you want to use a 1 "to 2" brush. However, do not skimp and try to use this brush to paint a wall 10x15. Once you've painted all the edges, go ahead and have a paint roller. The work will be done in a fraction of the time.

Step 4: First

When you change the color of your house inside walls, you can not find it necessary to put a coat of primer quality. This can happen if you just change the color of the paint or paint a darker color. But if you paint on one wall of Burgundy with cream-colored paint, primer will save you hours of time. Primer will more effectively cover the darker color is the paint. This means less time to apply layers of paint and waiting for these layers to dry. So if you find yourself in this situation, the paint, the primer will be your best friend.

Step 5: Paint one wall

If you just want to add color to your room? Consider painting a wall and make your accent wall. If you're just tired of pure white or yellow walls and do not need to change the color entire room is a great option. Choose a bold color to go on a feature wall in your room and start painting. Since you do not paint the whole room, the paint job go much faster.

So when you need to get a new coat of paint on the walls, make sure you keep these tips in mind. You can see that the painting is actually a home improvement project quickly and easily you can do. What are you waiting for? Pick up a brush or roller and get this room painted. You know you can have this ugly wall colors a minute


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