Kids Room Decor Ideas

Decorating your child's room can be one of the most entertaining, home decorating projects can be found. Kids bedroom furniture should be about imagination and creativity, the sky ... or in the jungle, the castle, the sea, or a hundred other realms of fantasy ... is really the limit!

Try to get your child involved in the project as much as possible, let them help you manage your choice of a theme, colors and design elements. To get your design project started nursery, we have put together some ideas and tips to help you inspire.

Theme Picker

What is the interest of your child? Start by watching your child's favorite books and art for ideas. You know what your son or daughter loves to pretend to play the most, to use it to find inspiration for your theme.

Then look in the books and decorating magazines online to find images and ideas on how to bring the issue to life. A good theme for a room your child will also help guide the choice of colors, designs and decorative elements.

Always remember safety is an important part of every child room decor. If a child has restless sleep, bunk beds may not be the best choice. Never use the internal factors that could cause the child to suppress or maintain the injury.

Choosing a Color Scheme
Start by choosing the background color you will use to paint the walls and ceiling limits, floors and hardware. Choose a model primary tissue and help guide their efforts.

Choose fabrics, wallpaper and wallpaper border designs to help build your theme and colors. You want to choose a primary print or pattern to set the general tone of your child's room.

Select accessories, fabrics, walls and other design elements to coordinate, and fabric patterns and primary colors.

By selecting complementary colors for all elements of design, you can bring all the design elements that help support your theme.

It 'best to choose a unique setting, even when using different prints in a room. You can choose the prints and drawings in different scale sizes, as wallpaper border big heart and perhaps the same or similar pattern of small hearts used in fabrics and curtains, for example.

Create affordable framed is easy if you just use your child's drawing itself has created, or by cutting pictures from magazines or books.

Choose a focal point and design elements

You want to choose a main focal point for decorating the rooms of their children. Often time, this may be the bed, but you can also use a wall display or shelf as the main point of interest. His approach strengthens and defines the theme you have chosen.

Really use your imagination in planning and selection of decorative elements. If your son loves baseball, the use of team pennants on a wall or a screen of a baseball autographed on the display shelf. You could have a mural of the stadium or favorite player on the stick!

Of course, you should also look for bedding that coordinates with the theme and color palette. Hearts, flowers and dolls in pink, purple and green work well in most of the girls room systems' color, while red, yellow or blue, usually work well for the boy's room.

Boys Room Themes

Boys play and pretend assets, often pretending to be grown men, so many questions such as construction, automotive, circus or other professionals can make good options.

The boys also tend to love the outdoors, animals and the sea.

Fire House theme

Is this your little boy fascinated by fire engines and likes to pretend to be a firefighter? So maybe a theme house fire with fire truck bed of wood is the right theme.

Use red as the primary color, the addition of a fire truck model wallpaper borders. White, yellow or blue work well for color coordination.

The pole fire could make interesting design element and adds a great game at center. Helmet Fire Captain or a fire pump may also add a theme.

Animal Themes

Most kids love animals. If your child loves dogs, is a large number of models on a large dog bed fabrics and wallpaper borders. He loves German shepherds, collies and Labrador Retriever, Dog fourth issue offer many creative options.

Perhaps it is more interested in bugs, cats and big game animals of the jungle or dinosaur? Whatever the group of animals, he likes to make a great theme of kids in the hall.

The animals make an easy subject, because you can use stuffed animals and pictures with much spending money.

Castle Theme

Most kids love to pretend that the knight is a great armor. Faux paint, wall paint and a beautiful skirt, a window treatment can transform the castle into a child's bedroom.

You can also decorate his bunk to look like a watchtower or to a knight in armor in a corner of the room to give this theme a touch of imagination.

Nautical theme

Sailing boats, tugs and boats racing are another source of fantasy and pretend play for many boys. Ship ship wheel bell, anchor or sailing could make the perfect model for the main room of your boy on the theme of water.

The natural color blue is a primary election with this issue, while beige can bring a feeling of sand in the color scheme. A ship in a bottle would be a great accessory for display.
Girls Room Themes
Girls often want to play house, dolls, or be a princess dress. Hearts, flowers and horses can also be good girls themes of space.

If your child the love of Barbie dolls, which could be an issue. Or, if horses are your thing, look wallpaper patterns, fabrics and other design elements that could support a theme of horses in his room.

Pastel, pink, purple and other bright colors are popular choices for any room of the girls'. Develop a form dollhouse, vanity and mirror of tea or a table, chairs and tea set for his puppet is a lovely tea party is a good chance all of us girls at the center of your room decor, so you can even mix a little ' if desired, because the themes of dolls and princesses can not go together!

Princess Theme

If your daughter is my girlfriend five years, probably loves the Disney princesses. This can make a great theme, which is her favorite princess characters and accessories.

Girls like a canopy bed and you can use a pure substance that bring color and a touch of humor in his room. Pillows and sheets are easy to do with a princess theme, you will find many great styles, fabrics and wallpaper borders.

Barbie Doll theme

Barbie collections are another biggie with the girls. If you love Barbie, so this might be the natural theme of his room. To stay together with Barbie, Barbie bed, vanity with mirror and all the equipment of his room Barbie theme.

This is another theme that can be expanded easily, because it may have other favorite dolls as well. Make a focus point display to show all her favorite dolls.

Hearts Theme

Hearts are a wonderful model for use in a room of girls. If your daughter wants a heart issue, start by choosing a model and her favorite color. Can also be combined with other models, such as butterflies and ladybugs to mix things up a bit.

Flowers Theme

The flowers are another great source of inspiration for your theme room with the girls'. And she loves a certain type of flower such as daisies, roses and lilies, it is possible to countless patterns, fabrics and wallpapers to choose from. Color options are wide open, and the theme of flowers.

Use white furniture bedroom, and a mold of her favorite flowers to add color and create a theme of flowers. A beautiful vase of flowers could provide some of the paper machete, or other fake flowers for your girlfriend is not able to display the same boat.

For more retro look of the seventies, you could go for a bright floral pattern. If you want lighter colors, pastels, and then a suitable floral pattern may be entitled to be considered.


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