Modern Garden Decor Ideas 2011

He developed these spaces with respect to nature, one way or another has always worked to establish the relationship between contemporary architecture and landscape architecture landscape.Modern can be used to combine architecture and surrounding landscape, or can be used to highlight the marked differences between the two. The precise nature of the relationship is always determined by the project itself, its location and the type of work environment in modern garden design is one of the most unique and innovative styles in the world will always horticulture. Gardens to show the powerful lines and sharp clean edges unpredictable and unique shapes. Modern garden design itself is very subjective and varies considerably between projects. The reason is that each type of modern garden design is highly customizable to individual owners so that no two modern gardens never look the same way.

1: Garden Decor:

Garden furniture, today is more than an extension of living space. Versatile outdoor spaces can be used for eating and living with family and entertain guests. Decorate your garden for these functions will give you a wonderful alternative to the traditional dinner! With a beautiful garden, where a new trend to create a summer kitchen and dining room / living room are expanding their square footage and increase the value of your home. Funny trends are following the example of the garden furniture trends. Be creative garden furniture. Use your imagination and remember the furniture garden furniture is a reflection on you and your family.
2: Garden Decor:

Add to the crown, or a house makes a great addition to the completion of your garden furniture. Create different rooms, eliminating the areas outside of, display plants and grids. Use protection in another area, and an open place for a picnic in bed or under the table, and this allows the hatched part of the lounge and enjoy the garden. The trend is mimicking the prepared outside the home. So, to replicate outside the living space is an important part of the life of your garden furniture decor.Add garden is also an important part. There are many ways to implement it. Make sure that the project for the whole family. Include vegetable and herb garden, the Butterfly Garden, or a pond in your garden furniture.
3: Garden Decor:

Nothing to improve your garden by using plants, trees, native plants, perennials or annual. Just make sure they survive your climate. Ask your garden supply store.

4: Garden Decor:

Make sure your garden decor include aromatic plants to enhance your outdoor experience. The butterfly garden decor is a good time to take. Not only beautiful plants to see, but an open lab for your children to explore. Some species benefit from dill, parsley, dill, and is a great gateway to include an ornamental garden herbs. Adding more than the smell will attract the birds, the importation of more life and color to your garden. Interposing an aviary and a source of water for garden decoration will ensure that the birds will return and will provide hours of entertainment.


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