Osh House In Surrey By Toh Shimazaki Architecture

 T-SA has completed a new home in Surrey, UK. Named "two parts of the room, form a series of travel volumes in the landscape, each housing a separate part of the house. The architectural design of this house was taken by the existing landscape and its soft contours and details on the site. This information includes a brick wall "original", patterns of leaves on the ground, and the variety of trees and colors. The site is a fragment of a large area of ​​the century, the manor of the 18th and contains the remains of a red wall that runs through the center housing. The new house is located in part of its natural landscape setting of the geometry of the wall of the house with a series of walled gardens. The views and through the open brick and wood structure is constantly evolving with the configuration screens for the division, which makes his experience as a journey through the landscape created by the house.


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