Pure Design: White On White Bathroom Ideas

White on White bathrooms are popular because they look elegant and clean. Many homeowners and designers prefer the bathroom all in white because of the association of white with cleanliness, purity, hygiene and health. Here are some tips on how to efficiently design a completely white room.

1. Use different shades of white, biscuit, such as furniture, white paper with your countertops. Accessories, you can use a clear glass or alabaster.

Second advantage of textures in the design of white on white bathrooms. You can combine brushed surfaces and shiny tumbled to make your bathroom break and interesting example monotony.You. Select bright white toilet, sink and tub and tile with a matte finish

3.To make all white bathroom to life, you can add some decorative tiles and accents in the same shade of white, as the accents of ceramic, marble borders, or glass tiles in a snow white. This way you can prevent your bathroom displays Stark white, while giving it some depth and interest.

Inspiration, here are 11 luxurious, stylish and clean white on white bathroom designs.

White Bathroom Ideas 1

White Bathroom Ideas 2

White Bathroom Ideas 3

White Bathroom Ideas 4

White Bathroom Ideas 5

White Bathroom Ideas 6

White Bathroom Ideas 7

White Bathroom Ideas 8

White Bathroom Ideas 9

White Bathroom Ideas 10

White Bathroom Ideas 11


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