Sefiani Office Design With Modern Red And White

Modern office has become a favorite to enhance the spirit of the employee, it is the room in a design office with an open space concept, still the privacy of the necessary staff, and reflects the energy, the dynamic nature of the company. An area that combines two very different requirements: the open society, and the areas of privacy. Bold, distinctive graphics supports the overall visual structure. As the first point of entry, the host need to clear the fire Sefiani and personality. The architects have adopted the color of the main brand to make a statement critical visual and physical, using a slab of red carpet as a way into the office and combined with white walls and ceiling.

 The company is Sefiani Communications Group, which is located at Level 2, 68 York Street, Sydney. Photo site have been the architect, Steve back, visit the site to see the full description of Valmont.


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