Swimming Pool Components (pumps, Filters, Heaters) Tips

Energy-efficient pool pumps are encoraged is to save money, but it is important to get the right pump for the pool. A two-speed pump is connected to the characteristics of fast and slow pool co. High-speed used in harsh conditions and needs periodic. With a low-speed power-saving mode can be done by 75% during normal operation.

Swimming Pool water filtration at the heart of water management. Depending on the size and style of the selected filter, we can achieve energy savings and improved water clarity by reducing the time and energy of our pump must exert to cycle the entire body of water in the pool during a 12-hour period.We can save energy and time by selecting a larger filter versus a standard filter size. A large filter provides more filtration area, reducing the accumulation of pressure against over time, and pressure on your pump. ▪ A larger filter can extend the periodic maintenance cycle, thus saving valuable time owner. The most popular styles of filtration are:

Value price range of sand filter

Cartridge Good water clarity overall: no washing required.

Pool heaters are free of charge accessories to consider the heaters CPP are the most effective models in the industry and offer to meet the heating needs: H-Series Electronic Ignition

▪ High: 80-82 percent ▪

Not light, reliable electronic ignition and smooth start-up

The selection of pool heaters to one of the highest coefficient of performance (COP), COP from 6-9 performing well above 95%.

When selecting pool cleaners should always choose the cleaner suction pressure

 cleaning to save money and energy.

Save energy, to drive the pool filtration system only during peak periods. Leaving on vacation for more than a week, turn off the heating of the pool, including the light is good idea.If using the pool only on weekends, to reduce heating thermostat settings for 8-10 degrees of the week. Use fences, hedges or other landscaping, cabanas, swimming pool or the protection of the prevailing winds. Once again the pool to begin a new season, make sure that the pump and filter are functioning properly before adding chemicals to water. ▪ If the heater is more than five years, it is good to renew or buy a new one. To obtain maximum filtration and energy efficiency, wash or clean the filter regularly, as the instructions will be provided whenever required.Cleaning filters to buy.


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