15 Best IPhone & IPod Docks Designed

iPods are the most popular players in the world today. iPhones are too aim to become so popular in the world's mobile phones, such as iPods in the world of the actors. Thanks to a lot of design companies to create products that accompany them. The design of an iPod dock become a "must do" for most of the leading companies in the industry. Of course, small businesses do not stay away, because for some is the way to develop. At the time found in stores docks made by such famous names: Sony, Porsche Design, Lasonic, Jean-Michel Jarre and so on. While people like Victor Vetterlein Philippe Starck can easily compete with them. The most modern platforms are suitable for iPods and iPhones and remote controls. Some of them have video outputs, while others have wireless speakers. There are many good options for all Apple lovers.

Zikmu is wireless speakers designed by Philippe Starck is a parrot. 2.5 meters in length, these speakers are the iPhone / iPod docking stations, surround sound technology and a range of wireless functionality. Two speakers that radiate sound from both sides, can be positioned anywhere in the room and to work without wires. Speakers can also stream audio to mobile devices, such as a PC or Mac with Bluetooth with A2DP and Wi-Fi. They also have a remote and very trendy, minimalist look.
Vesta Life new docks were designed by the design firm in California, RKS. The Firefly and standard├Žskerne speaker systems are not your usual iPod docks. They are both tactile and round in shape. Detect the dock and bullets speaker must be open. These iPhone and iPod docks compatible has much to offer in a small package. They integrated subwoofers, amplifiers and remote controls.
Sang-Hoon Lee designed this MFP, it could be great addition to any room. It combines a light room, the iPod / iPhone and speaker. The speaker is hidden along the surface of the wedge. The combination of features is great not only for the room, but for the office or any place where not much space, but the music and light are necessary.


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