7 Cool Green Homes, Which Runs

 Apparently, the houseboats are more attention these days, from the whimsical and conceptual considerations practice. Brad Pitt Make It Right Foundation, which has worked to rebuild the hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, thanks to an innovative green was associated with Morphosis Architects to publicize a house that floats when it flooded.

Founder Thom Mayne of Morphosis has won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. About this latest project, he said, NPR: "We rethought the idea of ​​a house in terms of potential flooding occurred in the conditions of Katrina."

So if flood waters rise, the house is floating, going up the 12 meters marks. It breaks easily away from power lines and plumbing, and batteries can be connected to devices and equipment within up to three days. It is also made of ecological materials.

Does this concept works on a large scale? It is too early to tell but it is certainly outside the box.


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