Bathroom Great Ideas For Axor

The design of your bathroom into a place of peace and tranquility is an excellent way to ensure you can have a place to relax and unwind after a day of activities and can be pampered.

Here are some ideas for interior design room Axor bathroom use. Viewing the collection is very well done. Collections in the image above is a collection of Starck. This beautiful bathroom in the sense that it seems in tune with the needs of individual bathroom design peace and useful. The design idea used here to establish freestanding bath in the middle of the bathroom, with a focus on treating you as a priority objective of the space.

Viewing photo above shows the Axor Massaud. The use of a valve with a square-shaped handle blade of grass that is well suited for viewing. The bathroom is very simple, however, quite surprising. Hardwood floors and a separate tub and sink oval complementary contributions to make bathroom look like the version, more comfortable, more personal than health spa bath.

The photo above shows a visualization of how the Axor Montreux in a bathroom interior design. The display shows the use of large bronze valves with a white ceramic sink and the bathtub is a good combination.


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