Beautiful Home Design - From A Historical Perspective, Modern Technology

 Located on an island in Narragansett Bay, this beautiful home design has a story to tell the outside in the member of the House (probably the name because it "hangs" on a small rocky island), designed by JS Lovering Wharton William Trost Richards and artist is against the water surrounding the city and the distant shore. This wooden house 100 percent certainly is lonely, it seems from another place, another time - and indeed it is! The 103 year old manor house, has a history, and is now owned by the architect Henry Wood and his family. The door to perfection, topped see and enjoy a 360 degree view of the ocean, with its many windows. The interior is dipped in honey-colored woods, warm to the look. This three-story house has a total of 23 rooms.

Despite the appearance of the house is lined with antique wood, which is equipped with modern technologies such as solar roof panels and wind to generate electricity, rain water recycling and water filtration systems, sea-, and bathrooms ecological help reduce operating costs, while a statement of eco-sustainable.


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