The Bedroom And The Toilet

Bedroom and boudoir for us to offer a comfortable rest, much needed after a long and difficult. This is an intimate, quiet, comfortable and cozy. Indeed, far from the center of daily family life and domestic routes, near the bathroom and toilet.

In the house on two floors will automatically impose a lower division in the seats and a larger, more private, in the night. Measures are then a natural and very effective separation between the two areas. In the house where all rooms are on one level, it is sometimes difficult to separate from each other. The best solution is to separate the area of ​​the corridor at night and lockable doors.

The room should be located in Gardent street noise does not interfere with the occupants are asleep. Also in this room to mount the windows with better insulation. House sounds muted solid doors, carpets, curtains padded headrest of the window.

Anything that feels good in a room with windows to the west. In the morning, the sun gives us energy, and look positively to the new day. If you want to sleep longer in the dark wyposa? My window curtains or blinds.

Light in a well lit room south and west to reach the room where we spent more time - it is also an ideal place for peace for children and adolescents.

We have to choose sofas, sofas and corners. If we only have enough room, perhaps best to choose a bed that is not done - the mattress on the frame. It offers the most convenient to choose the optimal time, and each mattress is ready to take us to polegiwanie small.

House decoration and interior design *

* Design Room "clip" with adjustable headrests

* Bedroom Feng Shui interior design


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