Cantilever House By Studio Architecture And Design Services In Brazil

This unmissable - cantilever design of the house of Nova Lima, Brazil, surrounded by a lush landscape of a dramatic edge. Perched on a hill, the house is the perfect vantage point with views of endless rolling horizon. Anastasia Brazilian architecture firm Architects designed the slope of the house plan for a slope of 30 degrees overhanging cliffs that add dramatic sculptural, while others point out the weak position of the house, and at the same time to minimize its impact on the world natural. Since the steep angle of land, the main floor is buried 7 feet below-grade side of the road, offering privacy for residents, while the opposite side of the house in the valley and the woods are open views of the rear floor wall glass ceiling. Glazing facing east, but also to maximize the breathtaking sunrise. But the best views are undoubtedly enjoy fun outdoor spaces - the pool is a clear hotspot! Learn more by visiting the houses of the modern Brazilian.


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