Construction Of The Container From The Public, Architects Dpavilion Contertainer

 Woow building is very good and imaginative. Public spaces and the installation is located in Batu, East Jawa, Indonesia was named Contertainer. The draft contertainer and designed by architects dpavilion Surabaya - Indonesia. The concept has two words: container and animator. You can see in their appearance, an aspect that we see an architectural form made of bright colors in various containers, such as red, yellow, green and blue light in an interesting position and composition, thus forming a contertainer.
 Instead, Batu is a place where a relatively new city that still retains a strong agricultural qualification. Maybe it's a city with a friendly atmosphere. Contertainer is a public good, which is a clinic and a library, where ordinary people can come and use the facilities for free. The appearance of contertainer in the city can be seen from different perspectives, the emergence of an architectural work would be followed by many of the effects it produces. So if you are interested in such public facilities, why not the idea that comes to mind?


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