Contemporary Architecture In Tokyo Twist

 Japanese architecture firm Takeshi Hosaka Architects designed the Tokyo contemporary architecture with a twist. This house is located in a dense area, sitting in the corner of two narrow streets. So that the outer box, interior floor plan is simple - two small rooms on the main floor, a large room on the second, and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. The minimalist interior walls have, ceilings, floors, random points, with many windows, allowing natural light flows in every foot or so away. The openings in the floor allow the passage of plants and strategically placed trees, providing some lush greenery sprouting in unexpected places. However, these openings are more than aesthetic reasons - they provide to residents, two deaf children and their parents, to communicate using sign language, from different parts and floors, but different. Now this is an innovative architectural design! To visit Japanese homes cooler Takeshi Hosaka Architects.


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