Contemporary Wood House - German Home Town

Located on Narragansett Bay, this design house is a beautiful story from the outside in a House member (probably called it "sticks" is a small rocky island), designed by JS Lovering Wharton, and the artist, William Trost Richards Standing water around and away from the city to the beach. This 100 percent sure of feeling lonely log house, look at another place, another time - and indeed it is! 103-year-old palace has a history, and today is owned by the Henry Wood and his family. Beautifully worn look and has withstood a 360-degree views of the sea through the many windows. The interior is full of honey-colored wood, warm look and feel. This three-story building has a total of 23 rooms.

Despite the appearance of the house is lined with antique wood, which is equipped with modern technologies such as solar roof panels and wind to generate electricity, rain water recycling and water filtration systems, sea-, and bathrooms ecological help reduce operating costs, while a statement of eco-sustainable.


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