Daroca Shelters By Sergio Sebastian Arquitectos

 Daroca, a town in Spain, Zaragoza province and who would have thought that one can find such a public space of interest here. And our public spaces we have today came from Sergio Sebastian Arquitectos, where he created a bus shelter to the aesthetics, it is so wonderful. According to the designer intervention "built a room that welcomes the guests arrive Daroca, allowing a single image in a device that has nothing to do with the beauty of the medieval city.

The refuge is generated from two very sharp and heavy soils and cover, he built a comfortable space in the opening section of the landing area of ​​the bus. This space is bounded laterally by wood filters that generate the necessary equipment for the umbrellas, benches and panels, trellis describing space, but do not prevent understanding of the continuity of public space in the race. "


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