Department Of House, Modern Minimalist House In Indonesia

 Rum house is Indonesian modern minimalist house designed by Ario Danar located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Built on 180 m² site area and 126 sqm of built area, the project in 2007. The type of house we bought in 2000 was the smallest form, type 36 (building area of ​​36 square meters and an area of ​​90 square meters). This house is a standard type.

 In 2003, we renovated the house to restore the original structure to its previous state. We added a second floor which consists of a kitchen, dining room and a bedroom. A unique quality of this house is the old and the new building, separated by a vacuum. This vacuum not only to facilitate construction, but also to become an open space asset. The wooden bridge and drill (frangipani) give a touch of nature.

 In mid-2007, we intend to connect additional buildings with the old building, with the function of the gap again activated in the house and learn to order sequences.But in this case, the gaps become passive open space with coral stone feature and bonsai. So we moved the wooden stairs to access the space girl. We have removed the parquet floor to raise the ceiling leveling.


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