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Today's kitchens get more attention in recent days. The kitchen is generally considered the "heart" of the house, not just a small home kitchen alone.

A kitchen with a new design

The kitchens are now more attention in recent days. The kitchen is generally regarded as the "heart" of the house, not only in a small kitchen home alone. Housing still remodeling your kitchen, and according to real estate agents, is one of the best investments you can make renovations. New kitchen design can add value and joy to your home.

For some ideas on the latest trends in kitchen, 2010, read below: -


Most modern kitchens are open and airy. They have a natural tendency to flow into other rooms, especially in the family room. Often it is difficult to break the area where one piece ends and another begins. The walls have been replaced by the islands and the only cabinet-level departments or bars that offer a smooth transition from kitchen to living room.


When it comes to kitchen furniture, the latest trend seems to be one extreme or the other. Or in the kitchen is a fully integrated or completely eclectic. In the kitchen, which is responsible for all the cabinets and all appliances to create a continuous flow. Wood doors to match the coverage of mobile devices fronts so that they are, "Wait a minute." With an eclectic kitchen cabinets cabinets and parts are not for everyone. Antique furniture, and often in distress call the side of the business and can only be

with a set of more traditional kitchen cabinets. Spare parts are rare and often unique and original works of art. White cabinets are still popular, but giving way to exotic woods and veneers such as pink, saffron, burnt orange, copper, clay, apricot and sage. The cabinets are also adding more screen space. It is ideal for displaying collections of classics and kitchen gadgets.


Stone and marble are usually found in more expensive homes. They are beautiful and forever! If you can not afford, you can still get the same look of high quality laminates.

Butcher block countertops, natural wood, are also back. Of course, they get scratches and bumps, but the ads on your character and appeal.


The latest devices are sleek, energy efficient and very friendly. Tradition refrigerators, for example, were replaced by models and refrigerated drawers under the counter. The new devices, such as soft drinks and wine are also part of the latest trends. Drawer-In-the-counter warming is gaining popularity, especially in fine dining.

Kitchen Sinks

Many of the kitchen top has been more than a sink. It may be a large sink in the traditional position of the standards, plus a small sink as part of a separate preparation area.

A popular type of kitchen sink is a way. This is a great front apron sink. This type of sink is often copper, which is naturally immune to the bacteria.


The kitchen floor is always the same attention as the floor of the house. Gone are the days of ugly vinyl flooring. Tile flooring business, stone and glass are seen more and more kitchens. Some plans are very decorative and design, inlaid with mosaics and medallions.

If you plan to sell your home, you should use a neutral tone of a new layer of kitchen design.


Kitchens generally do not have a lot of bare wall space covered by the cabinets and appliances. Many homeowners use this small amount of wall space to add a touch of bright colors to design your new kitchen, especially if the cabinets are finished in white or color.

Some of the most popular choice of colors, wall space is a bit 'mint green, coral, ginger, honey, orange, kiwi, yellow, purple, bright blue and red pepper. Sometimes two colors are used in parallel, such as yellow and purple, and bright colors "pop."

Of course, the good thing about painting is that it can be easily changed, so do not be afraid to experiment with a new kitchen design shade!

Kitchen and bathroom showroom

For a lot of ideas, you can visit the kitchen, bathroom and exposure of local centers for the home. Better yet, you can see the kitchen, exhibition halls and a bathroom on the network without leaving home!


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