Drawings From The Seattle House Modern Architect

Meals in 24 by 28 feet. footprint, the lobster boat residence Chadbourne + Doss Architects of Seattle has an unusual inspiration for his unusual style. This 2380-sq .- ft. design Waterfront home on Portage Bay in Seattle is in a decent community of four houses condominium and a couple of barges, shared waterfront access, parking, utilities, and a garden . This house is very attractive vertical are presented in a rustic, cedar-covered 5-story design topped by a terrace overlooking the bay. "The materials are deliberately honest and hardworking," says the architect. The decor combines charm by the sea on the steps of crude wooden ceiling beams, along with contemporary details such as the built-in shelf and open, airy open spaces concept plan. Lots of windows illuminate the interior with natural light and stunning views.


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