Eco Smart House In Russia

This elegant house is Eco Russia is a must-see. This log house designed by Russian architect Alexander Leonov and Svetlana Vasileva Polygon Lab, is about the integration of energy efficiency, environment, health and comfort - a collaboration of engineers and experts of electricity - and all at home should be! Developed by a leading developer of Moscow, Zagorodny PROEKT companies, and the Velux Group, the house takes the form of traditional architecture and modern twist. Simple tree lined fa├žade extends to the walls and roof of the house. Inside, minimalist white background, high ceilings, and "snapshots" of nature through the many windows and skylights, creating a sunny, light and airy atmosphere in the house. Behind its walls, careful consideration in order to create environmentally sustainable home heating heat pump volumes, natural lighting, solar thermal, photovoltaic solar cell system generates electricity, and highly efficient.


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