General Tips For Interior Design

If you just bought a new house and will start decorating, keep the walls simple and majority of smooth walls, especially if you are the type Filipino who keeps accumulating things over the years and can not throw anything away, because of sentimental reasons. So when you move your furniture, wall decorations and accessories, will not look messy.

● If you buy new furniture, measure your room and furniture. Across the room and furniture carving on the newspaper: 1 feet 1 inch and see if the furniture is in proportion to the room. Make sure there is enough space to move your furniture.

● Do not hesitate to mix different styles of things, like contemporary furniture with oriental pieces. Just do not over do it. Make sure the mix.

● One way to decorate a room, even if the walls are completely white is by putting moldings or cornice on the ceiling and skirting board.

● If you want to make a room look bigger, use mirrors. They give an illusion of more space. Colors also affect the illusion of space. A monochromatic color scheme (one / similar color with different shades) like off white, cream and beige will give you an impression of more space while warm colors like deep red, will give an impression of a smaller space . On the other hand cool colors like blue sky and bright green to give an appearance of openness.

● When you select a new color from the wall, paint the wall and watched for a few days at different times. It 'a good idea to paint a shade lighter than your sample swatch. Almost all the colors of the sample will look brighter on a large wall as a small sample size.

Do not use gloss paint on the ceiling, they have defects, especially at night when you open fire.

● It is recommended that you do not use strong colors on areas you use frequently. But you can be more daring with colors on hallways and stairs, where you just go and not really be as often as your bedroom.

● Install your picture frames on eye level, putting them top of the wall makes your ceiling seem lower. Aside from the fact that people are watching to see your image.

● If the floor is concrete, tile or stone, to put carpets to make your room cozy and rotate the rug / carpet from time to time to even out the wear.

● Use inexpensive garden pots as planters in the interior painting and decorating.

● your garden looks like a lot to beautify your home, but be careful with large trees, shrubs and trees. And thieves may be hiding.

● It is also a good idea to put gravel near windows so that you (or your dog) can hear if someone tries to see inside.

● Lights are deterrent to thieves. Light outside your home than inside your home when you go to bed.

● The overall appearance of your home is crucial. From your furniture, wall colors for fixtures, everything must be proportional, balanced and harmonious. A small side table and delicately carved can be beautiful as a piece of furniture, but it can go well next to a bulky and oversized living room sets. Always consider other elements in a room when choosing your furniture, drapes, etc. Ask yourself it's the right size and scale, color and style. If the answer is yes, go ahead and trust your instincts.

● Your home should reflect your personality. You can hire an interior designer or decorator, but in the end it is necessary that you and your family's character should be reflected in your home. Go along only with suggestions that is pleasing to you. Remember that a beautiful home is a house that is beautiful to its owner.


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