House Decoration Ideas With Beautiful Modern Ball Lights

 If today is your first time to learn about lighting Bocci, then consider it a special day. All about Bocci is admirable, and lighting solutions they provide speaks for itself. They are quite well known for their glass ball hanging chandeliers, the examples we have presented here. Specifically, it is part of the collection 28. The blown glass balls suspended to make a statement wonderful magical, elegant and modern in a room that is lucky enough to have them. Bocci combines design and production, supported by rigorous research with innovative ideas and materials while maintaining a high level job. With its main plant in Vancouver, Canada, with a satellite company based in Berlin, Germany - Bocci made magic happen - from the planning stages to the creative signature of each product. Each phase is important, and because of the way the factory and offices are planned, all departments overseeing the manufacturing process.

This physical interaction between services to ensure a fully comprehensive product the best possible quality. When Abel Omer, as creative director of Bocci strives to produce products that promote healthy human interaction with objects. Since the designs are contemporary, timeless and of such high quality products Bocci will take place in life. This in itself encourages environmental awareness, but the idea is also present in the materials, manufacturing and packaging choices - to create sustainable products. Please check in the video section of the site and the ability to appreciate art that was taken of each product - it's a real treat. They also do custom design to suit any project. It 'just so much more to say, so you'll want to get more information, visit Bocci directly.


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