House Interior Architectural Design And Natural

Headquartered in Seattle Architecture Gladwish Gary created this natural home for home architectural design and interior who had dreamed of living on this island 54 years before you really make his move. Hillside home from the forest a lot of Orcas Island in Washington State is located on a hillside dotted with trees Madronita, firs, beeches, thistle, moss and rocks - more natural, which also sets the tone this down to earth style yet clearly contemporary house, where the old barn wood, rusted steel, moss and rocks in front of glass, polished stone, and an interior full of polished wood. Rustic facade that makes room for a modern, minimalist interior where, despite a sophisticated finish and a stylish decor, the views are clearly the main objective. Always be aware of the views, the house features a glass fa├žade is opened outside the border fades in and out, and to expand living space, as far as the eye can see.


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