House Roof Folded Blends Old And New

This home is a smart folding roof cool mix of old and new. The unusual house designed by Austrian architecture firm Architekten X offers a mix of modern glass and steel, giving the house its aesthetic characteristics. Adding the steel house of the existing structure has a roof folding and cutting continuous facade, naturally resistant and rust, of course, the unique structure unlike more traditional. The hill offers this house plan pending a clear distinction between the original and modern residence, but the two are connected by a porch wrapping and, of course, folded steel that unifies the whole. The interiors are flooded with natural light through skylights and large glass everywhere.


Mariam said...

Yes, that type of roof design is quite extraordinary. Even so, the fusion of old and new is so beautifully done that the design almost looked like an art work. The part where it permits skylights to flood the interiors is what I liked most in the design.

Mariam Freame

Willie Norman said...

That is so interesting! It adds up so much to the modern aesthetic look of the house. The land formation was a factor on that folded roof house, but I think folded roof designs would still look good on a flat soil.

Willie Norman

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