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Council to help build a home theater. Introduction to equipment, design and sound design. Home Cinema are quickly becoming a necessity for most families. Setting the room simple steps to a more complete surprise, the theater is now home not only for the rich. What is a home theater stand out from the others is much more than his equipment, but also how it looks. The decor of a home theater is favorable to the way the space functions as an entertainment mecca for family and friends, and how to display when the lights are in place. Create a home warm and inviting, easy to do on any budget. Here are some ideas to create a theater for all to enjoy.

Start with the basics. Paint walls and ceiling black. For soil and easy to clean, black or Berber carpet. When it comes to lighting, choose recessed lighting, and fans. Add realistic environment units. If your budget allows, consider the construction of two levels of "levels". For some solid wood and two to four year blocks of wood, you increase the squares together so that everyone has a wonderful view.

If the seats are now a number of furniture stores are chairs theater - is responsible for two and four chairs with cupholder armrests interconnected. These songs can be found in many colors and fabrics, which are leather and fabric the most popular in Sweden. If you have a small space or prefer a more intimate, buy two seats in dark skin or other tissues. A simple end table can be used as a gap between two chairs. Spread blankets on every seat cushions for added comfort.

Ready to change? Old movie posters is a great addition to any home theater. You can find several video stores, craft or art. Other options, turn to the Internet, where you can be assured that you will find a large 27 x 40 posters for your favorite classics. Large posters are relatively inexpensive and can be collected in a variety of art or a craft store frames. Find a discount fabric store velvet rich, bright red, which can be used to frame the screen, control of light instead of Windows or paint to cover the walls. Use the fabric over to create a red carpet path that goes from door to space for living space.

No home theater is complete without refreshments. If space allows, install a built-in or independent bar. If a bar, like the sink and cabinets to hold kitchen utensils and a variety of glassware. The whole bar should include a home theater, mini-refrigerator, microwave oven with caustic soda, juices and bottled water as well as a nostalgic, a real popcorn popper certainly tempting aroma filled the room.

For convenience, you can buy or build a storage cabinet and / or home entertainment system for audio / video and DVD. If possible, choose pieces that are similar in color to the walls, so that they blend into the room instead acts as a visual distraction.

Finally, the choice of the center of the home theater - the team - Remember that you can easily find a speaker that is mounted on the walls clean, and less bulky. External speakers can be painted the walls and try to match. If the descent of the screen is not the budget, large TV with surround sound will make the standard. Add a tuner and speakers, some high-quality audio. Home theater is a fun and relaxing place for families to spend time together, and entertain. Decorate the room should be a matter of comfort thin and you can enjoy your favorite movies or in the comfort of your own home security.


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