It’s Green Kerala Home!

While living amidst the nature is bliss, making your home with Green Home Design allows you to live in amidst the nature. Now day’s people are more likely to go for natural living. Tendency towards this natural living is basically to have a more healthy life than ever. Presently, there are plenty of nature-oriented home design applications available in the market, specially developed to create greener Kerala home design. Energy-10 is one such product available in the market.

Very simply, Energy-10 is a home design application or a piece of software that helps engineers, architects, and builders create excellent designs through the use of cutting edge features and functions. But what makes it different from other home design application available in the market is that it keeps the well-being of Mother Nature on top of its priority list. Apart from its ability to create aesthetically pleasing designs, this application also ensures that the designs are should come out as both energy and cost effective. In technical terms, Energy-10 is perfect for examining both residential and commercial buildings that are distinguished by 1 or 2 thermal zones (usually less than ten thousand square feet).
The most amazing part of this application is that it can estimate the energy performance of a building with very little information provided by the user. On the basis of very basic data such as the nearest weather data recorder, the building's air-conditioning system, ventilation, heating, total floor space, and its geographic location, this program can provide with an accurate initial estimate of how much energy this particular building will use. Moreover, Energy-10 ensures the production of home and building designs that are truly efficient in every sense of the word.

Energy 10 is basically developed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Their Center for Building and Thermal Systems is the department which is the forefront of this highly publicized initiative. They have teamed up with entities including the Berkley Solar Group, the Lawrence Berkley National Library, and the SBIC or the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council to come up with this innovative software. ENERGY-10 software is a very powerful design application which analyzes and illustrates the energy. So, you can use this software to give a unique look to your Kerala Home design.


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