Japanese House Design House-exclusive Montblanc

Designed by Velocity studio based Okazaki, House Montblanc unique design of the house was for Japanese minimalist modern. The White House has a unique design and highly visible, even if it is full of simplicity. Between three homes, this house has lots of window glass, so the natural light in. So while it may seem crowded, architectural plan was to "pockets of open space" and residents can see the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

This concrete house Japanese has a strong personality, capable of connecting the inner and outer atmosphere, which is achieved through the wall cavities asymmetric not only acted to connect the outside world from the inside of the house, but also it allows the house to get enough sunshine. The house has an exterior design Montblanc true and authentic modern exterior design is more fun and playful, with the roof slope. Like many Japanese homes, inside the interior is kept simple, spacious and airy and the Zen of Design, where they are highly enriched with a little fresh garden located on the first level terraces and furniture Outside exciting.


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