Kitchen Design Is A Folded And Balanced Modern Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the most interesting is how all the elements together to form a place to cook with love. Italian designer Simone Micheli has created a modern version of a high degree of kitchen furniture fabulous "Still Life" and the kitchen Euromobil € philosophy. "Euromobil Group Designed for the collection of the kitchen was appointed IT is the kitchen features a floating design that gives life to every room - the curved edges of the drawers." The current state of the art technology and fine detail work: height units with sliding doors and a plane curve with tables in the center of a differential thickness to provide an excellent design. New bins are bone deep drawers painted or stainless steel. Their fronts are superior oblique edge, patented, easy to grasp Euromobil. The doors are equipped with new high strength removable one.

"Created as a response to the needs of the modern kitchen that cooks in the kitchen instead of spaces of light and produces a new trend in furniture design. His versatility is optimized in a large room, so that the collection of food to improve its aesthetic function.


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