Know Your Equipment: Get Cool And Keep Warm With Low-E Glass

Sun is a source of energy. It 'so much benefit to many people and other life forms. But on the other hand, the sun is also harmful. There are a wide range of sunlight varies from ultraviolet, infrared and visible. The visible light we can see what is in front and around the same rays can damage skin, wood, and finish off the survivors. Infrared is a light source, which includes the heat.

There are several ways to avoid all the negativity caused by the sun and one in the world of architecture is to use the Low E Glass Low-E means that low emissivity and is guaranteed to be different than the normal glass. Do not let light through damage to your home this way, the temperature inside your home will stay fresh.

There are different types of low-E glass. There is the soft low-emissivity coated glass and hard glass low-e coating. This summer, due to the extremely intense heat, it is preferable that you used the double-glazed low-E low-E type with a clear coating soft. It can reduce the heat inside your home for up to 25%. Other than that keep you from extreme heat, it can also reduce chillness inside your home as some low-E glass can reduce cold ranging from 26 degrees to 49 degrees and 35 for the low E glass hard coating.


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