Lake View House Design In Switzerland

This view Lake View House in Brissago, Switzerland has been created by the architect Daniel Claudio Taddei, located in an idyllic setting, with lots of inspiration. Located in a vineyard overlooking a lake, a mountain, and the Italian countryside to the south, Casa Larga is a rustic wood-covered house that seems to float above the pristine landscape. The house plan slope makes this structure raised seems bigger and bigger than in reality. But this compact house packs a lot of style. Residents and visitors in the basement of four-storey house scale. Large expanses of glass flood interiors with natural light, to further promote the sense of space. Open-concept interiors allow views of the lake to be enjoyed from all angles. The builder and played with the idea of ​​a traditional barn, inspired by her natural and open spaces, which will also serve as an inspiration for the artist who calls this place "home.

"Interesting is also to intervene in the road link, to ensure peace and tranquility. Daniel Claudio Taddei


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