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People are much more beautiful if the color of the walls painted white, because they see it everywhere. And the dark or black? Rarely, people who think black paint to add color to your room? What is the right choice of black or something far more than an illusion?

Very true, if you paint your room is big business, you must carefully examine the entire room, furniture, flooring, fabrics, and also the way of natural light in the mixing wananya, even if they fit what you have in the room.

Questions about the black paint is a good choice? Many people will say that they do not agree, because the color was too dark. Generally, these colors are used in a more modern theme, a more contemporary theme. But you can also add color with traditional furniture.

The color black is often the dominant space, so you will use black and white. In fact, I like the combination of that, but I always recommend that you add at least one strong accent color, which is rarely used in the vicinity of the room. Remember that your eyes are the color and not just stuck on a black wall you want as a backdrop, and eyes bounce around the room with other colors for the room.

Accent color is a color that can go have fun beautiful bright yellow or orange, purple or blue also works well. Have fun walk on the wild side a little, after all, if you do not you just paint over.


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