New Headquarters Of Facebook In Studio O + A

Studio O + designers have done a great architectural design, changing the structure of 150 000 square meters in the laboratory of high-tech manufacturer Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, the Stanford Research Park for the new headquarters of Facebook, which facilitates interaction and connection, which is the mission of the company as a supplier social networking site.

Studio O + designers to reuse many of the former laboratory benches and equipment for new offices. Project uses color coding to distinguish the teams within a large space. Some walls are in such a way that employees can add their writing and artwork. The kitchen and canteen Facebook will continue the tradition of providing a gourmet meal in the staff all day, while drinks and snacks are available at the micro-kitchens throughout the headquarters.

The leaders of society to sit in the central areas, accessible to all employees. Large rooms and open spaces offer places in the community to come together. Kitchen and coffee continue the tradition of Facebook to provide gourmet meals for staff at any time of day, while drinks and snacks available at the micro-kitchens throughout the siege.

Reflecting the desire of the employees' headquarters facility in Green is the first commercial project in Palo Alto has met green building ordinance in 2008, making extensive use of existing architectural elements, recycled from the original laboratory, Millwork, and repurposing industrial components for an agreement post-industrial. Other sustainable features include a high recycled content carpeting and lighting energyefficient.


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