Nice Residence With Vista Walker Extravaganza

 Rodney Walker Walker's residence was designed so beautiful and great. Great architecture blends in harmony with a beautiful landscape. Located on a hillside in Ojai, California, this mountain home has 270 degree views on a hill west of the Ojai Valley. Seeing this house, she noticed that single house is not symmetrically. Glass curtain walls and glass panels that adorn this beautiful mobile home on the hill, where they are placed just below the eaves and the perimeter of the structure.

The house has a unique architectural design, thank you that if the owner can enjoy the hassle of hills and mountains. 3.4 hectares at home is the perfect place to escape for a moment of reality. It has a nice curve private car move smoothly up the hill and the parking and spacious plaza. This dream home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The best place to relax after a long day, right?


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