Stunning Ultra Modern Bathroom By Bagno Sasso

 Gone are the days of the utilitarian bathroom, boring - Welcome to the new "wave" is aweome ultra-modern bathrooms, the German designer Manuel Dreesmann Swiss brand and bathroom Bath Stone. Waves of the sea and the sea baths have Corian wing, said that his staff looks wonderful. His sculptural silhouettes, in which the "waves" and the "wings" - hence the name - is a free mind of their own aesthetic form appears, complete incorporation in the middle of the room. A masterpiece certainly does not hide in a dark corner! Ocean bathroom wing measures 750 mm from 2250 to 1000, and Corian. It offers a variant of this nature-inspired look, Ocean Wave bath measures 3000 Fri 1500 for 780 mm and the room is warm, wooden interior with Corian. Learn more about these amazing projects, visit the Bath Stone and Manuel Dreesmann.


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